The Various Techniques for Welding Dissimilar Metals

19 December 2016
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One of the most widely used metal fabrication processes is welding. Welding is the fusion of metal parts to form unique metal structures. The welding of different metal elements often presents a challenge because the metals have different mechanical properties. There are several applications, however, which require weldings made from dissimilar metals. In order to achieve good welding results, it is important to use the right welding techniques. Here is a look at some of the most popular welding techniques used to join together metals of different compositions. Read More 

Metalwork Powder Coating Removal Systems Explained

9 November 2016
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Need to change the colour of a metalwork product for a client? Recycling an industrially produced section of metal, but would like to strip it back to a good-as-new state? There are a variety of methods for removing powder coating and paintwork from metal-made industrial items like lighting columns, vehicle bodywork and railings. Each approach offers certain advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a look at each of the usual options available in Australia and see which might be most appropriate for your particular purpose. Read More 

Are You Incurring Unnecessary Costs on the Gas Supply of Your Laser Cutter?

5 October 2016
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Laser cutting systems rely on two forms of gases, that is, lasing gas and assist gas. Fabricators can increase their profitability by ensuring that they are not incurring any avoidable costs while using their laser cutters. This article discusses some ways through which higher costs are incurred on laser gas supply systems. Interruptions in Gas Supply Did you know that you pay a high price each time your laser cutter runs out of assist gas or lasing gas? Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Colour-Customising Your Spiral Ducts

29 July 2016
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The use of spiral ducts, also known as spiral ducting, is popular in commercial and industrial circles. The ducts are stylish, easy to install and can handle large-scale applications. The ducting is mostly used to circulate air or to dispose waste matter from production/processing plants. If you are planning to buy spiral ducting, you should also consider seeking colour customisation for the following reasons: Camouflage In their default shiny, metallic, silver look, spiral ducts are very conspicuous. Read More 

When Should You Opt for Laser Cutting Your Materials?

6 July 2016
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During the production process, you may need to send out certain materials to be cut by an outside service; you may not want to invest in the machinery and the skilled labor needed for certain cutting jobs, or you may not need enough cutting done to justify this cost overall. Whatever your reasons for needing an outside cutting service, there are times when laser cutting can be the best choice versus any other type of process. Read More