The Importance of Balustrading for Industrial Businesses

4 June 2024
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Balustrading is a critical component in the infrastructure of industrial businesses, ensuring the safety and security of both employees and visitors. This essential barrier system serves as a safety measure and adds to the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of industrial spaces. This post will cover the significance of balustrading within an industrial context, the various materials utilised and the key considerations for its implementation. Ensuring Safety and Compliance Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, where heavy machinery, elevated platforms and hazardous materials are often present. Read More 

5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Waterjet Cut Metal

28 August 2023
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There are several cutting methods used during metal fabrication, and waterjet cutting is one that is becoming increasingly popular. A waterjet cutter sprays a mixture of water and fine sand at high pressure through a small opening, and this creates a fine cutting stream capable of cutting metal. Cutting metal with water might sound odd at first, but waterjet cutters offer several benefits. Here are just five reasons to consider waterjet cut metal. Read More 

Which is the best material for your metal roof flashings?

7 June 2023
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Flashings are an essential part of any roof. They help to protect the edges and seals of the roof against water intrusion and leaks, as well as form a barrier against pests. Although they can be made of plastic or rubber, they are usually made of metal — in particular, aluminium, copper or steel. Here is a quick guide to the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Aluminium Aluminium is a popular choice because it is so lightweight and does not significantly add to the weight of the roof. Read More 

Some Safety Advice for Using Laser Cutting Machinery

15 February 2023
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Although accidents with laser cutting are rare, the technique uses powerful lasers which can be harmful if misused. If you are operating a laser cutter, there are some simple safety precautions you need to take to keep accidents to a minimum. Training   Firstly, make sure that anyone who operates the laser cutter has had adequate training. This training should be provided by a qualified instructor. You should also read the handbook and make sure you are familiar with all the safety instructions within it. Read More 

4 Vital Questions To Help You Find A Reputable Metal Fabrication Partner

24 October 2022
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Finding a reputable metal fabricator can be challenging due to several reasons. Most people choose metal fabrication partners based on cost. While cost is an inherently critical factor, it's imperative to consider other crucial aspects, including fabrication quality, capabilities and experience.  This post discusses three vital questions to ask potential metal fabrication experts when finding a reputable fabricator for your project. Read on to learn more about them below.  What Are The Fabricator's Capabilities? Read More