Metalwork Powder Coating Removal Systems Explained

9 November 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Need to change the colour of a metalwork product for a client? Recycling an industrially produced section of metal, but would like to strip it back to a good-as-new state? There are a variety of methods for removing powder coating and paintwork from metal-made industrial items like lighting columns, vehicle bodywork and railings. Each approach offers certain advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a look at each of the usual options available in Australia and see which might be most appropriate for your particular purpose.

Physical Removal

Industrial scrapers are one of the preferred options for paint work removal. They are best suited to tough items which can take a degree of physical abrasion. Some systems are mechanised and use automation processes to remove powder coating chip by chip. Others sorts of scraping devices rely on elbow grease to take off the paint and are therefore only best suited to smaller projects. If you have tough metal items, like a group of cast iron bollards for example, then physical removal with scraping can often prove to be the best option.

Industrial Oven Technology

Industrial ovens are used to remove powder coatings very efficiently so that the bare metalwork beneath is fully exposed. Most systems work by increasing the temperature of the oven to such as high degree that the paintwork and powder coating that is on the surface of the metalwork combusts. All that is left at the end of the process is a light ashy residue which can be brushed away with ease. This process is ideal for aluminium, steel, and iron products and it will leave the items looking as good as new. However, metalwork products usually need to be processed in a batch or the costs can make the process prohibitively expensive.

Dipping in a Chemical Bath

Removing powder coating can be achieved very effectively by using chemicals. This means that a lot of scrubbing is avoided, but chemical powder coating removal should only really be undertaken by a professional with expertise in the area. This is because the chemicals commonly used to strip powder coating finishes are often noxious to breathe in and can cause skin irritation, too. Although it is a relatively cheap way to remove coatings of all kinds, including varnishes, dipping means knowing exactly when to remove your metalwork from the bath or the solder points and the metal structure itself can be weakened.

For more information, contact local scrap specialists who can provide this service.