5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Waterjet Cut Metal

28 August 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

There are several cutting methods used during metal fabrication, and waterjet cutting is one that is becoming increasingly popular. A waterjet cutter sprays a mixture of water and fine sand at high pressure through a small opening, and this creates a fine cutting stream capable of cutting metal. Cutting metal with water might sound odd at first, but waterjet cutters offer several benefits.

Here are just five reasons to consider waterjet cut metal.

1. Smooth Finish

Heat-affected zones (HAZ) can be created by traditional metal-cutting methods. Essentially, these are the zones that are heated as cuts as made. This can be a problem since heat is able to slightly deform edges and leave burrs. However, waterjet cutting avoids such issues since it uses cold water. As such, cuts are smooth and burr-free.

2. Impressive Accuracy

Accuracy is always a key concern during metal fabrication, and waterjet cutting does not disappoint in this regard. It offers exceptional cutting accuracies, which is one reason it is often used to create intricate designs for applications that require high tolerances. Even if you don't require particularly complex designs, it's always worth opting for a method able to deliver precise cuts every time.

3. Fast Results  

Another benefit of achieving such clean edges is that very little additional finishing is required. Additionally, those clean edges and the lack of any residue means welds can be made more easily and parts assembled faster. As such, waterjet cutting is ideal for getting products made and delivered as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Since waterjet machines themselves are so reliable, you'll also avoid any delays associated with equipment downtime.

4. Minimal Environmental Impact  

It's becoming increasingly important to consider how the choices you make impact the environment, and modern advances in metal fabrication have provided plenty of options to keep things eco-friendly. Opting for waterjet cutting is one such option. Using water as the main cutting medium means no toxic materials are required. Most waterjet machines are even made as closed-loop systems that use the same water again and again. As such, waterjet cutting helps minimize the environmental impact of metal fabrication.

5. Versatile Design Options

The high-pressure stream of water and sand used for waterjet cutting is extremely versatile. It can cut just about anything, including all commonly fabricated metals and composites. It can also achieve cuts through thick metal sheets, and the ability to cut in almost any shape provides the freedom to choose the ideal design to meet your needs.

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