4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Colour-Customising Your Spiral Ducts

29 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The use of spiral ducts, also known as spiral ducting, is popular in commercial and industrial circles. The ducts are stylish, easy to install and can handle large-scale applications. The ducting is mostly used to circulate air or to dispose waste matter from production/processing plants. If you are planning to buy spiral ducting, you should also consider seeking colour customisation for the following reasons:


In their default shiny, metallic, silver look, spiral ducts are very conspicuous. While this may not be an issue in industrial settings, it could be in commercial spaces where one is trying to portray a professional look. Using paint, you can have your ducting customised to look like the ceiling or the walls. Although this will not make the ducts completely unnoticeable, it will help to make them blend better with the indoor setting.

Decorative purposes

Spiral ducts have more of an industrial look. In some commercial settings, this might be too dull of a look if they're in an area where employees are expected to work or in places where customers are expected to interact. For this reason, you could have the ducts painted to make them look more vibrant or to make them blend with whatever theme you have going on in the area.


Another great and unique reason why you might want to consider having your spiral ducting colour-customized is branding. Because the ducting pipes are so visible and are located indoors, they are a wonderful canvas to brand with your company/product colours on. If you have one duct line in place, you can have it painted creatively to show all the colours, either in a continuous manner or with a pattern. And where you have several ducts running through your premises, you can have each duct painted with one of the company colours.

Product tagging

Last but not least, consider having your duct pipes painted for product tagging reasons. This is ideal where you have several duct lines where each serves a different purpose. Just like in electrical wiring, have each duct painted a different colour to show which products it's carrying, e.g. chemical gases, effluent matter, water, clean air, etc. This will help to distinguish the duct lines, especially when it comes to maintenance work.

If you think colour-customizing your spiral ducting for one or several of the above reasons is a good idea, talk to your ducting supplier. They might offer painting as an after-sale option. If not, simply seek out a fabrication company to do the job.