When Should You Opt for Laser Cutting Your Materials?

6 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

During the production process, you may need to send out certain materials to be cut by an outside service; you may not want to invest in the machinery and the skilled labor needed for certain cutting jobs, or you may not need enough cutting done to justify this cost overall. Whatever your reasons for needing an outside cutting service, there are times when laser cutting can be the best choice versus any other type of process. Note when to choose a laser cutting service, and why it can be advantageous.

Layers of different material or composites

If the piece you need cut is made of layers of various materials or is a composite material, it can be a challenge to cut. A saw blade may not be strong enough to cut an outside layer of metal, but a welder might produce too much heat to cut plastics or other such materials under the metal. If the piece is made of layers of various materials that would otherwise require several blades or cutting processes, a laser will be the best option because it is usually strong enough to cut through thick metal without melting or otherwise damaging plastic, PVC, and other such materials.


Most cutting methods either involve heat or create heat with the cut; saw blades can get very warm as they cut, as can any other types of trimmers or slicers. This heat can often damage various materials, leaving burrs and molten edges along metals or causing melted and distorted areas of plastic. A laser doesn't use or produce any heat when it cuts, so you won't have any distortion of your materials from the cutting process.

Precision cutting

Because lasers can be set to be very thin, they can make even the most microscopic of cuts with precision and accuracy. They can also make these cuts without stamping, which can cause a bending and folding of metal or other parts. Lasers can make rounded or curved edges and intricate designs that are difficult to cut with any other type of blade. If certain pieces need to fit and mold to other pieces, cutting them with a laser will ensure a precise fit that won't allow leaks around connections or unnecessary pressure that is often put on connections that don't fit precisely. When you need this type of microscopic precision with your cutting, lasers are the best choice.