How to Determine the Best Types of Timber Crates for Your Shipping Needs

18 April 2016
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Timber crates are a good choice for shipping anything too heavy for standard boxes, and for oddly shaped, cumbersome items that might not actually fit into standard shipping boxes as they can often be custom made to just about any size. When you shop for timber crates for shipping, you may notice more features and choices than you imagined, so note a few factors to remember so you choose the best type of crate. Read More 

Simple Things to Prevent Injury From Driving a Truck

29 February 2016
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Driving a truck can seem like it's just a matter of sitting still and focusing on the road, but it can be highly challenging on one's body. Being positioned incorrectly, using the wrong grip around the steering wheel, or using the wrong type of truck seats can damage your body long term, as even minor imperfections give a huge impact when you're positioned in the same way for as long as you are when driving a truck cross country. Read More 

Tips for Attaching Castor Wheels to Heavy Furniture Items

18 February 2016
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When you are looking to switch up the style of any room in your home, rearranging the furniture items can be a simple way to change the overall design. However, moving heavy furniture items on your own can be a difficult task. Castor wheels are designed to attach to the bottom of furniture and allow you to wheel them across a space instead of having to lift or pull them using force. Read More