Tips for Attaching Castor Wheels to Heavy Furniture Items

18 February 2016
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When you are looking to switch up the style of any room in your home, rearranging the furniture items can be a simple way to change the overall design. However, moving heavy furniture items on your own can be a difficult task. Castor wheels are designed to attach to the bottom of furniture and allow you to wheel them across a space instead of having to lift or pull them using force. Before you try to use castor wheels to move furniture items, it is important for you to be aware of these helpful tips that will make the process easier.


It is easiest to determine the type of castor wheel that you will need to use by placing the furniture item on its side. This will give you access to the underside of the item where you will need to attach the castor wheels. The biggest determining factor on the type of castor wheel that you will use involves if the furniture item sits directly on the floor or has legs that keep it lifted slightly.


Post castor wheels are typically used on furniture that has legs. This is a type of castor wheel that is a bit more specialised and often features a more decorative design. When you use this type of castor wheel, it is possible to swivel the furniture item in any direction. This means that you can move backwards, forwards or side to side, which makes it a versatile option. You will have to drill holes within the furniture for the posts to be inserted through. The cylinder can be secured inside the hole that you drill. Once the post is inserted, it will allow you to lock it in place to ensure that it is stable.


The other type of castor wheel is known as a screw on. This type is used on furniture items that are flat and do not have legs. The design of this type of castor wheel is much plainer, and most castor wheels of this type are less versatile. This means that they are often fixed and will only move forward or backward. This means that moving furniture with a screw-on castor wheel is a bit more complex than using a post castor wheel that will swivel. These will screw directly into the bottom of the furniture and will attach to the flange firmly to ensure stability.