How to Determine the Best Types of Timber Crates for Your Shipping Needs

18 April 2016
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Timber crates are a good choice for shipping anything too heavy for standard boxes, and for oddly shaped, cumbersome items that might not actually fit into standard shipping boxes as they can often be custom made to just about any size. When you shop for timber crates for shipping, you may notice more features and choices than you imagined, so note a few factors to remember so you choose the best type of crate.

1. One-way crates

One-way crates are those that are not meant for reuse and which are usually broken down and then recycled after shipping. Don't assume you can save money by buying one-way crates and using them repeatedly, as they are made for economy and not durability. In most reusable shipping crates, the sides are bolted to the pallet block underneath the crate, but in one-way crates, they may be simply nailed down. This can allow the sides to come loose after only a small amount of wear and tear and jostling that is common during shipping, so the crate may actually fall apart if you try to use it more than once. 

2. Collapsible crates

If you want to stock up on shipping crates but don't have an abundance of storage space, be sure you choose collapsible crates in particular. These shouldn't require any special tools to disassemble other than a standard screwdriver, pair of pliers, and the like, if those are even required. Some collapsible crates have side panels that are attached by metal clips so you can easily take them apart without tools at all. If you don't keep everyday tools at your facility then be sure you note what is required in order to disassemble collapsible crates. 

3. Laminate timber crates

Laminate timber crates are those that have a type of laminate or plastic applied over the timber in order to offer more protection against the timber possibly scraping your item being shipped. The laminate is smoother than timber and is also easy to wipe off and clean, making it a better choice for reuse if you're shipping anything that might drip oil, grease, and the like. The laminate is also very lightweight so it typically doesn't add much to your shipping costs, if your shipper charges by weight, and may even absorb shock when your item is being shipped, also adding to its protection. If you want reusable timber crates that are very durable, consider those with a laminate coating.