Simple Things to Prevent Injury From Driving a Truck

29 February 2016
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Driving a truck can seem like it's just a matter of sitting still and focusing on the road, but it can be highly challenging on one's body. Being positioned incorrectly, using the wrong grip around the steering wheel, or using the wrong type of truck seats can damage your body long term, as even minor imperfections give a huge impact when you're positioned in the same way for as long as you are when driving a truck cross country. To take care of yourself, and make sure you don't hurt yourself while driving, there are a few things you can consider.  

Your seats

The part of the truck that is the most important to consider when trying to spare your body of stress and damage is the truck seats. Evaluate the seats used in your truck and control if they need any adjustments. Make sure your knees are positioned lower than your hips when you're sitting down and make sure the seat isn't touching the back of your knees when you're sitting normally. You should also make sure you can reach the pedals and the steering wheel without straining your legs or arms. You should also make sure to have maintenance performed to your truck suspension seats every now and then to make sure your back isn't taking unnecessary hard hits while you're driving, as it would if your suspension wasn't working properly. Contact local professionals, such as those from KAB Performance Seating, for further assistance.

While driving

While you're driving, you need to make sure you are never completely still for the entirety of the ride. Adjust your position in a controlled manner every now and again while driving to not strain particular body parts for too long. Don't do it by straining your back or your legs, but simply shift your weight or gently twist your back to get the blood flowing to the parts of your body that you have been sitting on.

Getting in and out

There are also things you should think about when getting in and out of the truck to make sure you don't hurt yourself. When stepping in and out of it, make sure your legs are the main parts responsible for holding your weight. Bend your knees instead of your back, and use the muscles in your legs to step up, rather than pulling yourself up by putting the weight on your shoulders. When getting out, it's also important that you just rest for a little while right when getting out of the truck. Your spine needs a while to adjust. If it's cold outside, this might take longer than otherwise. Bring a sweater or a vest that you can put on before getting out of the truck to resist your spine getting affected by the cold.