Does your vehicle need a personal touch?

10 January 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Are you looking for a way to personalize your vehicle? Maybe, you have done all the obvious things, including upgrading the audio system and customizing the interior, but you still want to do more. One easy way of putting your stamp on the vehicle is to customize the wheel rims. You could buy custom wheel rims, but you don't have to do that. Powder coating the rims will provide a cost-effective alternative that enhances the appearance of your vehicle and will make it stand out for many years.

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating for rims is similar to painting the rims. Everyone is familiar with conventional liquid paint, but using liquid paint on rims can be tricky. Wheel rims aren't a flat, even surface, and they have plenty of complex parts that can't be easily reached, so obtaining an even coverage is difficult with liquid paint. Powder coating offers an alternative solution with a far superior finish. Powder coating for rims works by spraying the rim with electrostatically charged pigment and resin particles. These charged particles will stick to the rim. Once they have been applied, the paint particles are blended by baking the wheel rims. The result is a wheel rim that has a seamless finish that will look fantastic on any vehicle.  

Will powder coating last?

One of the concerns that some people can have about powder coating for rims is its longevity. Perhaps, they have seen liquid paint finishes that will start to flake after a few months or that chip when it comes into contact with stones and other sharp objects from the road. The good news is that powder coating for rims is long-lasting, as the finish is non-porous and isn't subject to the same failings as liquid paint. A powder coat finish will protect your wheel rims more effectively and for longer than liquid paint ever could.

Is powder coating for rims a responsible choice?

Today, people are constantly bombarded with reminders that resources are finite, so they must take care of the planet. If you want to avoid waste, powder coating for rims is a great option. If you use liquid paint, you will open a tin of paint, but you probably won't finish it. Once the rims are painted, you will put the tin away, and eventually, the paint will be thrown away. By contrast, powder coating doesn't involve any wastage. Any unused paint particles can be gathered and reused the next time that colour paint is needed. As powder coatings are also free of volatile organic compounds and similar harmful elements, they are the best choice for the environment.