Factors to consider when selecting ready-made wooden pallets

26 November 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

In most businesses involving the production and distribution of goods, finding the appropriate means to transport the goods becomes imperative. You need to make sure that you do not incur losses as a result of transporting the goods in a poor manner. One of the most common and cost effective way to secure your goods while they are in transit is through the use of wooden pallets. Notably, in the same way that not all goods are the same, not all pallets are the same either. Therefore, the most important step is to find the best wooden pallet for your goods. You can obtain wooden pallets in two ways; having them custom made or buying ready-made pallets.  Notably, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing ready-made wooden pallets to make sure that they best fit your needs. Read on to find out some of them.

The type of woods used

When buying your wooden pallet, you need to enquire about the wood used. Usually the harder and more sturdy the wood, the more expensive the pallet. Therefore, if your goods are not that heavy, there is no need to spend a lot of money on super hard wood. The main idea is to ensure that the wood is durable and can be reused for a long time. That will depend on the nature of goods that you will be transporting.

The expected weight of the goods

 While the main purpose for using wooden pallets is to provide a safe packaging for the products, keeping that product in mind when making the selection will go a long way to determine the security of your goods. Wooden pallets come in different strengths and are not one size fits all. For instance, the type of pallet that you will need to transport heavy machinery is different from one that will be used to package something like mangoes.

The size

Wooden pallets are made in different sizes ranging from small to extremely big. Similarly, your goods will vary, and depending on the expected packaging size, the estimation of size will determine your project's success or failure. It is better to have a pallet that best fits the goods, to save on costs and space. Notably, if you cannot find the appropriate size, it is better to buy a larger pallet than a small one that does not have the capacity to hold the weight of the goods.

Keep these factors in mind as you select wooden pallets for your goods.