Powder Coating – Brief Guide on What You Need to Know

26 September 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

In recent times, powder coating has garnered a steady interest among people that need to have their metallic surfaces finished. And while powder coating is a staple technique in industrial and manufacturing processes, individuals that have never taken part in a project involving powder coating finishing may not be aware of why this coating is surpassing conventional options such as wet spray paint.

The reason behind the growing popularity of powder coating is its high versatility. This versatility makes powder coating a top finish for a wide selection of products be it balustrade railings or your metal patio chairs! Read this brief guide on what you need to know about powder coating if you are deliberating on which finish to employ.

What makes the powder adhere to the surface?

Several steps go into the powder coating process to ensure that the finish is as flawless as possible. To start, the item that will be powder coated should be pre-treated. The pre-treatment includes eliminating any grime that is covering the surface or rust that could have corroded the object. After the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, it needs to dry before it can be powder coated. The powder is electrostatically charged, and this is what attaches it to the product's surface.

After the powder is applied to the item, the product is then baked. Baking is done at a specific temperature setting, and it functions to melt the powder. As the powder melts, it forms a hard coating that permanently bonds onto the item's surface.

How much does powder coating cost?

Just as paints come in different price points, powder coating expenses will vary from one user to another. One factor that will influence the price of the powder coating is your choice of colours as well as their availability. The second factor that could dictate the cost of the powder coating is the type of texture you want to achieve. Lastly, the luminescence of the powder coating will also be taken into consideration when pricing the powder coating.

What advantages does powder coating offer you?

There are several benefits of employing powder coating when finishing your products. One of the main reasons why you should opt for this finishing technique overpainting is that it is much more environmentally friendly since the powder coating does not contain volatile organic compounds that could be dispersed into the atmosphere. Secondly, powder coating is much faster without compromising the uniformity of the finish.