How to Choose the Best Industrial Doors for Your Facility

25 May 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Industrial doors come in a wider variety of types and models than you may realize, and each is meant to perform a different function, depending on the usage of the door and what's behind it. These doors are often an expensive investment for your facility, so note a few tips for choosing the best industrial door and the one that works for your needs.

1. Rapid roll doors

These doors are what the name implies; they rise and lower quickly and are often used for temperature controlled rooms that you need to access with a forklift. Rapid roll doors can also be used in areas where you don't want to slow down the workflow by waiting for doors to different areas of your production facility to open. They may also be used for areas that need strong security, as the doors can close very quickly behind delivery trucks, keeping out potential intruders. Note the overall speed of rapid roll doors if you're choosing one for temperature controlled spaces, as you may need to note how long such a space can be exposed to outside air before the temperature is compromised. This will tell you the actual speed you need from a rapid roll door.

2. Clean room doors

For medical products, laboratories, and food storage, you may need a clean room door. This is one that is resistant to bacteria, moisture, and mold growth, as well as not providing a host for dust and fibers. The best clean room doors will have tracks that are easy to remove so you can give them a thorough cleaning and disinfecting as needed. The material should also be easy to wash down and noncorrosive, so you can use proper disinfecting products on the door itself without damaging the materials. Look for Lucite or a polyvinyl material for a clean room door.

3. Cooler and freezer bi-parting or hinge doors

For climate controlled areas where you don't need to enter with a forklift, you might opt for standard cooler or freezer bi-parting or hinge doors. Bi-parting doors open in the middle with two sections that slide outward. Both of these models allow you to open the door just enough for foot traffic and close it quickly behind you. Some might become very heavy if they come with thick insulation, so you might choose a lighter insulating material and then an added curtain on one side that helps to keep the cool air inside when the door is opened.