Why are Radial Flow Centrifugal Pumps Suitable for Your Irrigation Scheme?

23 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Are you a farmer looking for a water supply solution for the crops in your irrigation scheme? Well, a radial flow irrigation water pump might just serve you right. The pump discharges water at a right angle to the pump's shaft. The pump has an impeller, which looks like a round tin. The impeller houses a rotating turbine powered by electricity. When water enters the impeller from the source, it is forcefully pushed out by the rotating turbine. The water leaves through a pipe fitted at a right angle to the impeller. If you are considering to get a pump for your irrigation scheme, here are a few reasons radial flow centrifugal pumps will suit your project:

You Can Use Skids

If your irrigation scheme is located in an area prone to flooding, the radial flow centrifugal pumps can still work well for you.  You can fit them on movable skids, which make it easy to salvage them when floods occur. The skids prevent damage to the pump by remaining afloat, which keeps the pump from being submerged in dirty floodwater.   

They Work Below or Above the Water Surface

Radial flow centrifugal pumps are quite dynamic. Primarily, they are installed above the water surface. This makes it easy to carry out maintenance and repair in case of any mechanical breakdowns. Unlike the submerged pumps, you will not spend a lot of time removing the water and fitting it back in again.

As much as they are installed above the water surface, this does not mean that the radial flow centrifugal pumps are totally useless when the water level drops. The pumps can work submerged for a certain number of hours indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. If you surpass the specified duration that the pump can work below the water surface, you risk overworking the turbine and blowing the electrical fuses.

The Installation Unit is Portable

After installing the radial flow centrifugal pump, the whole unit can be set on a movable equipment to make it possible. This makes them ideal for large irrigation schemes because you can move the pump from one source of water to another. This saves you the cost of buying several pumps to pump water from different sources.

It is highly unlikely that you will rely on a single source of water in an irrigation scheme. Whether you are using a borehole or large tank to supply water to different storage tanks, the versatile nature of this pump will suit you.