How to Choose the Right Type of Bag Sewing Equipment for Your Facility

22 January 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Bag sewing refers to closing bags of product or materials as they come down a production line; sewing actual stitches is often needed when glue or other adhesives won't adhere to your bag type, such as certain types of linen or burlap. You may also want to use actual stitches for the overall appearance they offer, or to make it easier for customers or the end user to actually open the bag. A bag sewer may also offer other forms of bag closures such as tape and glue, as well as stitches. There are many different types of bag sewers available for your facility, so note a few factors to consider when making your choice.

1. Sewing heads

A sewing head is usually incorporated into another type of machine such as your production line, a conveyor, and the like. If the bags you use can be closed by use of a machine without needing human interference, this can be the best choice. The sewing head simply feeds the bag through and it gets sealed in whatever fashion you choose quickly and easily. 

However, a sewing head may not be the best choice for smaller bags or bags with a cumbersome product that could easily spill, or if you use different sizes of bags for your product. A pedestal can be the better solution in these cases.

2. Pedestals

These machines are stand-alone and fixed in one spot. They are a good solution for bulkier bags that are best fed through by a manual operator or bags that hold a cumbersome product that would otherwise easily spill out when on a conveyor of any sort. They are not typically connected to another piece of equipment so they allow you to easily change the position of the bag as it gets fed through the sewer, a good solution for when you use different sizes and types of bags regularly.  

3. Manual or portable sewers

A manual sewer is a handheld type of bag sewing piece; they are portable so they can be taken anywhere in your shop or facility. They are best for low volumes of bag sewing needs or for when your bags are simply too heavy or cumbersome even for a pedestal machine. They can be a good choice if you occasionally mail or ship out bags of material and need something convenient to use on the shop floor without taking up the space of a pedestal.

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